Before you can heal physically, start by healing yourself spiritual, emotional and mentally from within.

Healing comes from within the body, the body knows at its core cell level how to heal itself. By allowing your body to be placed in a state of balance the cells of the body will naturally adjust to their true vibration, which then speeds up the healing processes. All forms of healing utilise various sources of energetic and vibrational frequencies to aid the body in doing what it does naturally – balance and heal itself.

Jy has studied many forms of Energy Healing over the years – Spiritual Healing, Quantum BioEnergetics, Reiki, Access Bars and Pranic Healing to name a few, but ultimately the source of the healing energy comes from your own God, however you perceive God to be.

Energy Healing helps with managing & overcoming...

  • Physical & emotional pain
  • Inflammation

Energy Healing benefits for you...

  • Accelerated natural healing processes
  • Release negativity
  • Release emotional limitations
  • Cleansing & energizing of the aura & chakras

Most forms of alternative healing utilise various sources of energetic and vibrational frequencies to allow our body to be placed in an environment of balance to enable our cells to remember and to aid the body to balance and heal itself.

Working intuitively and to where Jy is guided, a combination of various forms of healing are used.  The processes initiated during your session will continue to work with you long after your session is completed.

All forms of healing are from the one ultimate source, which encompasses all that we are and all that we are to become.

30 minute session - $50