Owner of Your Inspired Life

Jy is trained in PSYCH-K®, Mediumship and Healing. PSYCH-K® is one of her passions as it helps us to move forward in life and all we need is to know is what we want in our life. Simple!

Everything we feel, sense, think and speak, effects everything on our beautiful planet on a vast scale. This gives us a great responsibility to treat each other and everything with great respect, compassion, empathy and love. Sometimes we forget these responsibilities in our busy lives, so I feel we need to take time out to refresh our lives, whether that be with a massage, yoga, a run or just playing with the kids and spending time with family. There are other ways we can help ourselves, too and one of those is to change our own belief systems, and as we change our beliefs, so we then effect those around us.

I was intuitively drawn to PSYCH-K® after reading many books about how our beliefs systems effect our lives and I wondered "But how do we change those belief systems, especially if we don't know what they are"? This is what I love about PSYCH-K® - it is so easy and simple and you don't have to know what those ingrained beliefs are you just have to know what you want in life and this system help you move towards that.

Our belief systems effect us and others so much in so many ways and these belief systems quite often no longer serve us. More often than not, we have no idea what those belief systems are.  So how do we change them? This is where PSYCH-K® comes in.  It is one of the easiest and most profound ways of changing our lives, by simply knowing what we want in life and working with that.

Mediumship is a beautiful gift, that I have worked towards over many years. Spirit can bring love into our lives in many ways and receiving messages and loving words from them is one way which can lift us up and help us to move forward.

I hope I may have the pleasure of meeting and working with you soon.  Take care and live your life.

"May the gentle winds of change, blow softly through your soul"